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Organic Wine Valcalepio

Organic farming is an agricultural production system that uses techniques that respect nature. Therefore il its ecosystem and the seasonal cycles of crops, exclude the use of synthetic chemical products. (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers), GMO (genetically modified organisms and their derivatives).

In the production of organic wine valcalepio trying to maintain the fertility of soils with manufacturing techniques which respect the structure. Namely, that help to preserve and increase the organic substance contained therein. All this is done respecting the life of the soil and its microorganisms, which it is the basis of fertility.

It also brings, alternate years, well converted manure to keep this agro-ecosystem. (as it happens in the natural ecosystem of the forest with humus).

How to maintain healthy screws

To maintain healthy plants with which it produces the organic wine valcalepio must plant them in a zone. Ben sunny and breezy, and use cultural techniques that maintain a microclimate favorable to the development of diseases. It should nevertheless protect plants with substances as natural as possible as sulfur and copper and other specified in the EEC Regulation which establishes the matter.

Growing organically today is certainly more challenging, because the means available for the protection of plants and fertilization are natural products and therefore require such care, skill and quick reactions,, because they have their limits of natural substances.