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Our wines

Our wines

Wine Valcalepio Rosso DOC

Bergamasca IGT Rosato

Bergamasca IGT Rosso

Our wines
Wine Producers Valcalepio

Among the winemakers in Bergamo Valcalepio, CàVerde represents excellence in the production of organic wine.

The underlying principle behind the production of organic wine is prevention, in respect of the raw material; This means not using additives that "adjust" in the cellar of the vineyard winemaking problems or a poorly managed.

For this to produce a natural wine we import from vineyards with low yields per plant, with well ripe and healthy grapes. The harvest is done manually in boxes 17 Kg with particular attention to the integrity of the bunches and immediately transported to the cellar for crushing-destemming.

The pressing

At pressing, the must is sent to fall into vats, this allows not to use pumps, It is avoided so 'a certain "whipping" of the skins and the consequent problems.

Minimal doses of sulfites are added to ensure a product that retains all of its characteristics during the vinification process without resorting to the use of corrective actions..

It leads naturally winemaking, using methodologies also traditions, combined with technical knowledge in order to obtain a clear and stable product over time without resorting to chemicals oenological.