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CàVerde | Winery

CàVerde, Wine Producers Bergamo

Manufacturers Bergamo wine 1972 when the activity started. or better, the adventure of "Cà Verde" in a cottage in the sunny hills of Bergamo Prealps. Surrounded by woods and meadows, a 400 meters above sea level, not too far from the center of Almenno San Salvatore (BG).

It was an unconventional choice than to flee from the land for a "safe" place in the factory, demonstrating that it is possible to live differently.

The bucolic and relaxing atmosphere is still that of a time. Only projects and the development of the farm have necessarily changed with the passing of the seasons.

The farm is now run by his son Mauro, which it took over the family business in the early 90s. CàVerde, retaining the style to cultivate vines for the production of organic wine Valcalepio. divetata is one of the leading manufacturers bergasco wine.

Organic Wine Valcalepio

He decided to renovate part of the old vineyards, considered the particular soil of this hill (technically defined "flint Lombard"). unique in the area of ​​production of Valcalepio and excellent exposure to the sun. Conditions necessary to obtain quality grapes.

Among the winemakers Bergamo specialized in organic viticulture, He has obtained the official certification and now even those on organic wine Valcalepio.

In addition to the vineyards in company Ca 'Verde there are herds of farm animals, two calves, a mirtilleto, an orchard and vegetable garden.

The Company has also developed a new project. Far known to new generations the importance of treating the natural environment and the role of the farmer. where the food producer we eat (directly or transformed).

This is why for several years we EDUCATIONAL FARM network of the Province of Bergamo.