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Rosa del Colle | Bergamasca IGT Rosato

Bergamasca IGT Rosato


Merlot (100%)


Merlot grapes vinified in pink, leaving the skins in contact with the wort one night. The next morning is "racked" and fermented as a white in stainless steel tank at a controlled temperature between 18 – 20 degrees. It follows a slow pinned to the cold of winter. It is bottled in the spring.


In bottles stored for at least two months

Tasting notes

Fresco, fruity and perfumed with a particular character. important Alcohol (13 – 13.5 degrees).

How to serve

It should be served chilled at a temperature around the 10 – 12 degrees


And 'suitable for different combinations: from appetizers to fresh and aged cheeses. Great for first courses, fish and sausage. Try it with pizza and if you want with sweets.

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Bergamasca IGT Rosato

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