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Typical Wines Bergamaschi


II vineyard is located on the south slope of a hill at the entrance of the Valley Imagna, a 400 metri s.l.m. In a particularly panoramic position with a view to 180 degrees on the plains in front. The vineyard has the area of ​​one hectare and is constituted by 2 types of red grapes, ideal for the production of typical wines from Bergamo: Merlot, for the 60% and Cabernet Sauvignon for the 40%, acts to produce the Valcalepio Rosso DOC.

Even the hillside is terraced in the steeper and training system adopted is the cordon. in a manner which is suitable for low production per plant, fundamental basis of the quality.

The particular soil of this hill, as described in the book "The lands of the screw in Bergamo" published by the Department of Agriculture of Bergamo Province, It is defined as "flint Lombard". E 'formed by the disintegration of red and green stratified flints and characterized by the absence of limestone, which makes the ground basically acid.

E ', however, a poor soil which confers special characteristics grapes and wine that derives.

Our wines

The underlying principle behind the production of organic wine is prevention, in respect of the raw material; This means not using additives that "adjust" in the cellar of the vineyard winemaking problems or a poorly managed.

Wine Valcalepio Rosso DOC

Bergamasca IGT Rosato

Bergamasca IGT Rosso

Visit, tasting and sale

The farm Cà Verde is not just a place of work: it is also the place where we live. And 'an environment that we take care of with dedication, effort and passion.

We want to open our gate to our customers and friends to provide the opportunity to discover something beyond the wine: a combination of hospitality, nature, hospitality and pleasure of tasting the fruit of our work.


The paths of teaching CàVerde farm offers a widening of Training Schools. (especially the primary schools) with the ability to see and directly experience the wonder of the natural ecosystem and one cultivated.